Script banned "Cure" was shot with no script. Initially the production crew planned to shoot another film in Southern Thailand. Two days prior principal photography, the script was rejected by Thailand Film Office. Bill Yip, the director, refused to revise the script and decided to do a road movie. The genre thus allowed Bill to improvise the story collectively with crew and actors along the journey from Bangkok to Chiangmai in the north.

New as lead New, the male lead, was so nicknamed in real life because he was born on January 1. He was supposed to be the assistant production manager, but was soon chosen to act ascribed to his acting talent shown in two short films directed by himself during his film education.

Poo as lead Poo was indeed the manager of the riverside guesthouse where the crew was staying. Everyone wanted her to star in the film except herself. She was apprehensive that she has never acted before. Bill thus lured her to do costume fitting and test shoot. In the scene she was dancing in the veranda, all the guests in the resort beat the time for her off camera. It finally gave her enough confidence to say yes to accepting the role.

Sarah as lead Sarah, a stage performer by profession, is the first and only sex-changed person in Thailand who officially owns a female gender passport, which was issued by Holland government as a result of her previous marriage. She now speaks for the rights of the eunuch, transvestite and transgender in Thailand. A pocket size book based on her personal story has been recently released in Thailand.

Eric as lead Eric, a Hongkong Chinese who lives in Bangkok, was also the production manager. When shooting began, no one could predict the story development. Being considered as a main cast, he soon disliked the idea of "being murdered" too early in the film. In order to appease him, he appeared in the rest of the film as a ghost.

Traffic Accident When the crew arrived at the historical ruins in Sukhothai, Bill had a traffic accident and was badly injured. He refused to be hospitalized and endured extreme pain while working on the set and at rest. Serious infection, inflammation and drug allergy soon followed. Heavy dosage of pain killer was applied for 10 days.

Protest Rally Two days after shooting began, Bangkok police imposed curfew due to the red-shirt protest. Before heading north, the crew ventured to downtown to shoot a scene with the military in the background. Bill carried the camera, walked into the army and covered many shots with the soldiers in the foreground until he was dispersed.

Arrest by Army More life-threatening situation came when Bill and Eric were arrested by the Burmese Army. They were detained for conducting unauthorized filming. Lucky enough, a high ranking official was visiting the area during the arrest. Bill and Eric were released to avoid commotion.

Street Casting Many a time the crew had to do street casting in the middle of the shoot and even on the spot. Being new to the places, the crew was often indebted to the helpfulness and friendliness of the local people. Fortunately Thai people do not have the heart to refuse others even in the gentlest way.

Multitasking There were only 8 members in the crew coming from 3 countries, Thailand, Hong Kong and France. They tackled multiple roles. For example, William Kwok was the production designer, sound recordist, costume designer, set decorator, props master and co-producer… all at the same time.

Language Bill did not speak Thai. He communicated with the actors and crew in English.

Champ Champ is the moniker of Smithy Totemchochaikam, the Director of Photography. He was cast as the secret boyfriend of Poo. In the scene which Poo's mother threw a plate at him, it was Bill who did it off camera. The plate hit his elbow and hurt him so bad that Champ fell forward onto the floor and whined.

Investor No investment was sought. "Cure" is a self-financed project. The total budget is US$ 0.3 million.

Cyberport "Cure" is under the incubation program of Cyberport. It is the first time they accepted film project. Through the provision of hardware, software and technical support in their Digital Media Centre, the post-production of "Cure" was made possible.

Focus Group Throughout the course of post production, a focus group consisting of about 25 film professionals and general audience have commented on the editing.