As Director

Cure 金不換 (HK)

-         Closing film of 2010 Hong Kong Independent Film Festival

-         Panorama Section, 2011 Hong Kong International Film Festival

-         Nominated for Winds of Asia-Middle East Prize, 2011 Tokyo International Film Festival


As Second Unit Coordinator

Waiting Alone 獨自等待 (China & US)

-         Official Selection, 17th Tokyo International Film Festival

-         Official Selection, 2006 Hawaii International Film Festival

-         Best First Feature Award, 2005 Beijing Film Festival


As Assistant Director

1. Red Violin紅提琴 (Canada)

-          directed by Francis Gerard

-          starred by Sylvia Chang

-          Winner of Best Music, Oscar 1998

2. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Belgium)

-          directed by Marion Hansel

-          nominated for Best Film in Cannes Film Festival 1995

3. Three Summers哥哥的情人(三個夏天) (Hong Kong & Taiwan)

-          starred by Tony Leung

-          directed by Lawrence Ah Mon

-          nominated for Best Newcomer in Hong Kong Film Award 1992

4. Queen of Temple Street廟街王后 (Hong Kong)

-          Winners of Best Supporting Actress, Best Newcomer and Best Screenplay in Hong Kong Film Award 1989

5. Gangs童黨 (Hong Kong)

-          Winner of Best Editing in Hong Kong Film Award 1986

6.      Shanghai 1920上海一九二零 (Hong Kong)

-          directed by Pucchi Leong

7.      Hong Kong Must Be Crazy香港也瘋狂

-          directed by Wellson Chin and Puchhi Leong

8.      Mary From Beijing夢醒時分 (Hong Kong)

-          directed by Sylvia Chang

9.      The Boxer拳王 (Hong Kong)

-          directed by Lawrence Ah Mon

10.  Hearts, No Flowers少女心

-          directed by Cheung Wing Hung


As Scriptwriter:

1.      Cure金不換

2.      Three Summers三個夏天

-          directed by Lawrence Ah Mon

-          co-wrote with Sylvia Chang

2. Meaning of Life搶閘媽咪

-          directed by Wong Yat Ping

3.      The Boxer拳王 (not credited)

-          directed by Lawrence Ah Mon

-          co-wrote with Chan Man Keung


As Dubbing Consultant

Today Nobody Wants to Go Home今天不回家 (Taiwan & Hong Kong)

-          directed by Sylvia Chang


As Production Manager/Production Coordinator

1. Five Tigers五虎 (Hong Kong)

-          Directed Eric Tsang

-          Winner of Best Supporting Actor in Hong Kong Film Award 1991

2. Tenamonya Connection (Japan)

-          directed by Masashi Yamamoto

3. Illusion幻影 (China & Taiwan)

-          directed by Lu Xiao Wei





As Executive Producer

Bus 44車四十四

-   co-produced and directed by Dayyan Eng of Colordance Pictures. USA

-          Special Mention Award of Venice International Film Festival (2001)l

-          The Best Narrative Short Award of Florida International Film Festival (2002)

-          Jury Honorable Mention in 2002 Sundance Film Festival

-          Directors’ Fortnight in 2002 Cannes Film Festival


As Director

1. Crimson Street

-     produced by Big Bad Fellow Entertainment

2. Ah Fung阿峰

-     a commissioned project of RTHK

-     Certificate of Merit, INTERCOM Chicago Film Festival 2005





As Producer

1.      (RTHK) Ten Letters十封信

- Commissioned drama

2.      (RTHK) Gate of Law 1997法門

3.      (RTHK) 2 Episode of Gate of Law 2000法門

4.      (RTHK) Under the Same Sky同一天空下

5.      (TVB & ICAC) 2 Episodes of “100% Clean Election” 百份百廉潔選舉

6.      (Wharf Cable) Run-A-Way (Telefeature) 追車尾

7.      (RTHK) Brave Young Doctors生命激流

8.      (RTHK) Brave Young Teachers春風伴我行


As Executive Producer

1.        (RTHK) 沉沒的國度

-          commissioned documentary series

2.        (RTHK) Spider-boy少年輕狂之蜘蛛仔

-          commissioned drama

3.        (Wharf Cable) Siu O Che Yeung 笑傲斜陽

-          commissioned tele-feature

4.        (RTHK) Episode #1 & 3 of Ten Letters十封信

-          commissioned drama





As Director

1.      (RTHK )Glamour of Sports體育的風采

2.      (Next TV, Taiwan) Food and People 飲食男女

3.      (RTHK) Hong Kong History 香港歷史系列

4.      (RTHK) Kung Fu Quest功夫傳奇

5.      (RTHK) Cool Hong Kong樂活自由人

6.      (RTHK) Health & Wealth醫生與你

7.      (RTHK) Episode #5 of Powering Hong Kong 電力之城

8.      (RTHK) Buddhism Special佛誕特輯

9.      (TVB, Golden Harvest Studio) Making-Of Virtual Fighters

10.  (RTHK) Hong Kong Connection鏗鏘集

11.  (RTHK) IT Files IT檔案

12.  (RTHK) Episode of Theatre Special





As Director

1.        Nestle Omega Plus Acticol, Nestle

2.        7th Anniversary of HK’s Handover, Government Information Department

3.        MO Disk, Futgisu

4.        Creating Wealth, Intellectual Property Department

5.        Season Opening, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

6.        Carnival Opening, Hong Kong World Carnival

7.        Workplace English Campaign

8.        3togo

9.        Carnival Opening,, Hong Kong Winter Carnival

10.    3rd Anniversary of Basic Law, Government Information Department

11.    Andy Lau Charity Concert, Henderson Land

12.    Canton Place

13.    Metro City Plaza X’mas Promotion, Henderson Land

14.    Music Store, HMV

15.    Anti-violence Campaign, Social Welfare Department


As Producer

1.      瘦身堂

2.      Cordycep, Adtomic Promotion

3.      Courtesy Campaign, Hong Kong Tourist Association


As Assistant Director

1.      Mountain Dew, US

2.     Aging with Dignity, Social Welfare Department





As Director in Corporate Video

1.        SUNCO Property

2.        Wahha International Groups

3.        Sun Hung Kai Properties

4.        Hong Kong Repertory

5.        Tetley Metal & Springs

6.        AsiaMaterials.com

7.        Comverse

8.        Hong Kong Broadband Network

9.        Global One

10.    American Entertainment Group

11.    Fairwood Group

12.    Langham Hotel International


As Director in Documentary

1.      Peeking Through Chungking Mansions

- Winner of Best Director of Documentary, Asian First Films Festival 2008

2.      Precast – The Future of Building Technique

Client: Hong Kong Housing Authority

3.      AIP Video Newsletter (1998)

Client: Singapore Government

4.      The Creation Process: St. Joan of Arc (1998)

Client: Hong Kong Arts Development Council

5.      Prevention of Elderly Suicide

Client: HK Federation of Social Welfare Organizations


As Director in Education Video

1.        The Birth of an Ordinance (2001) Client: Department of Justice, HKSARG

2.        Ranging Free within the Law (1997) Client: Department of Justice, HKSARG

- Winner of Finalist Award, New York Festivals 2000

3.        Youth & Aids (1996) Client: Health Department, HKSARG


As Director in Training Video

1.        New Recruit (2011) Client: LVMH

2.        Sales Techniques (2011) Client: Manulife

3.        Exercises for Office Workers (2003) Client: Labour Department, HKSARG

4.        The Techniques x 12 Titles (2000) Client: Kim Robinson of Salon Esprit

5.        Prevention of Flips, Trips and Falls (2005) Client: Hong Kong Police

6.        Anti-pickpocket (2004) Client Hong Kong Police


As Director in Marketing Video

1.        Bank of China Insurance (2005) Client: Bank of China

2.        Samsung Digital Theatre (2002) Client: Samsung Digital Pen

3.        General Information: Home Ownership Scheme (2000) Client: Hong Kong Housing Authority)

4.        Home Ownership Scheme Phrase 20B (1999) Client: Hong Kong Housing Authority

5.        Hong Kong Town Gas (2000)

6.        Metro City (1998) Client: Henderson Land

7.        Verbena Heights (1996) Client: Hong Kong Housing Society